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Sunday, May 8, 2011


      Hey all! Just wanted to share with you the delicious meal we had, since that is half of what I love about Italy!! So me and 3 of my roommates went out last Thursday before we left for Munich with the intention of just "grabbing something quick" so we could get back and pack. That never happened. We ended up going to a great restaurant that we pass every time we walk to the Metro. Here is what we ate:

Seafood gnocci!

Seafod gnocci, gnocci with tomato basil sauce to my right, and La Matriciana pasta across from me. The Matriciana pasta was so good because the noodles were thick and perfectly cooked with a simple sauce!


"Drinks well with others", given to me by my friend Ryan before I left. How fitting!

Orange melon and green apple gelato. Best end to a great meal!

Hope you're not too hungry now!
xoxo Erica

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